The Mahikari They Don't Want You To Know

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


One of the more interesting aspects of organizational behavior is the public response to negative publicity. In fact, most of the world these days loves to play the "public relations game", be it world governments, cheating corporations, or fallen sports heroes. The trick is to sound pious or humble, ignore or gloss over the known information, and make it sound that critics have it all wrong...

I mention this because I was interested in the response of SM, and in particular their North American website. There are so many examples of the above strategy and that I hardly know where to begin. First, take a look at this page, where a woman is receiving okiyome :

It all looks so peaceful and harmless! No discussion of the possible manifestation of spirits for these plain old blue and pink suburban "practioners" I don't think Dick and Jane America have any idea that a Samurai might start throwing Jane's body to the ground any second!

The section on nurturing young people is also very commercially crafted. Here are pictured the young smiling faces of innocent looking children:

I wonder if I should tell the kids that when Mommy gives them light a mean snake spirit might hiss!

Below that, check out the picture of the super modern "young people" in the post modern poses. Hands crossed, looking confidant, like an international new wave band ready to take on the world...I wonder if they know about the swastikas as part of the "universal values", or that there is another mahikari down the street that also claims to be the real deal????

Interesting also is the fact that the text is now officially cannot cut and paste to use as an example or a copyright pop-up appears. They are getting media savvy! Considering all of the information that has been out and the huge questions members had years ago, they have finally carefully crafted a website that only briefly addresses the question of succession and the two mahikaris. Nothing about the origin challenges, though they do address the "cult" accusations by telling people they are free to quit ( of course no mention of the guilt they used in past)

More later!


At 8:07 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

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At 8:08 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

They paint a pretty picture to try and make it look safe. It makes me sick. This is why I wrote those posts…Sukyo Mahikari the North American Site: The Uncut Version. There is so much left unaddressed on the website that I didn’t know where to start…I had to ‘Ctrl C’ everything and start from scratch in order to point out everything they neglected to mention…darn thing took me three posts because there was so much missing. I wonder if those people in the photos are actual members.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Hi Joe
If you do a comparison between the North American SM web site and then have a look over the SKK site, the similarities are quite remarkable. As a long term SM watcher it is fascinating to see SM is evolving back to its source.

I would speculate that SM lost out big time when all the millennium apocalypse predictions Okada made didn't come true, so the spin doctors are working constantly to reinvent themselves in an effort to survive. The curious result is a spin back to where they came from..... can there be any doubt. It is not hard to see SM is still copying SKK.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger Steve said...

I find it quite curious there are copyright notices on the the SM websites, even SM publications........if some kind of supreme being chose Okada as its earthly spokesperson why would the divine personage require copyright on it's revelations.

The christian bible is not copy righted!

Even on the Sunrise Press website advertising the latest rewrite of his original book, A. K Tebecis has a disclaimer and copyright notification.

Follow the logic..........

A. K Tebecis rewrites his original book and repackages it, the Sunrise Press site is set up to sell the book which is endorsed by long term members of SM. An internet campaign is launched using his book as the core, sites are set up by members with links to his publication. On the surface this is the Sukyo Mahikari launch into cyberspace, their post millennium 'pièces de ré·sis·tance'!.

The copyright notification reads - 'The book 'Is the future in our hands? My experience with Sukyo Mahikari' by Andris K Tebecis 2004 (ABN81 008 642 813) is subject to Copyright. All rights reserved. No reproduction or republication without written permission' -

This seems to be standard copy right notification.

Yet the last line of the site reads - 'The views expressed on this site on the subject of the organisation Sukyo Mahikari are not those of Sunrise Press nor are they necessarily those of the said organisation.'

This is really interesting stuff..... note, the Australian Business Number (81 008 642 813) following Andris K Tebecis name.
It is the registration number for Sunrise Press P/L, so it appears that Andris K Tebecis is Sunrise Press.

A simple search on the website also gives the registered address location, which is the same address location in the book. A simple whitepages search confirmed that a A Tebecis lives at that address!

Andris K Tebecis as a spokesperson for HIS company Sunrise Press p/l, is stating that HE takes no responsibility for HIS views on Sukyo Mahikari......Yet, it is obvious, the Sunrise Press site sole purpose is to promote HIS views on Sukyo Mahikari.

So.... what is he saying?........His views are not his views, nor are they the views of Sukyo Mahikari.

It couldn't be so simple, I had to go over it several times..... yep! the logic is sound....... the statment is just..... silly!....... It will be interesting to see if the statement will disappear off the site.

This is a really good example of how those in Sukyo Mahikari create or use abstruse language, Okada was a master at such language.!

At 6:52 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I agree Ash. There is so much more to cover, it's a perfect example of the PR machine at work.

I also agree Steve, I have seen that site as well. Same low key graphics and intentionally downplayed text.

I have seen a little information on SKK, but I am very curious as to view "attaching spirits" and Okada's sacking vis a vis the "conjuring"? I know they are against it but not much else.

Because really, this is the split, the thing they have tried to hide for so long in SM. Which of course negates automatically any real claim to originality or "revelations" and destroys any trust in the true value of the teachings. The truth of what happens must be out there somewhere, and SM refuses to address it.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Regarding the book and publisher, I suspect that the entanglement is one of mutual benefit and protection. I don't remember who published "Thank God for the Answers at last" so I may be off, but it seems to me the new arrangement is designed to help both SM and the Doctor financially. It may be also that no publisher is willing to take the risks and legal challenges that could arise from inferences to healing. As both the author and the publisher, he is trying to separate his corporate entity from himself and thereby protect his corporate assets. They are his views as an author, however, which he doesn't deny. And who knows what the "organization" has permitted him to do, or told him to do? My guess is they made him put the SM disclaimer in to protect themselves.I wonder if they would come to his legal aid in any actions?

At 2:45 PM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

I doubt it, but Lara should so sue for that healing garbage. When members get sucked into fully relying on those teachings (Science and medicine is against God)bad things happen and innocent people get hurt or killed. We should all sue for pyschological damage.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Steve said...

In Australia the directors of a company are personally accountable for the actions of the company.

The point is...... as an author of a published book in the public domain he does present his views and makes claims. On the other hand as a director of the company which publishes the book he is making the claim he is not responsible for the views expressed in the book he wrote.

As the same person, he is responsible and can be held accountable.

It is interesting that the anecdotal stories he uses to "prove" that there is substance in "true Light" inevitably result in a person stating they get well or go into remission of cancer and a myriad of other maladies, as a result of the methods he is promoting.
He is saying...See, this person doesn't have cancer any more..or this baby came back to life...this person stopped smoking etc. All because they joined Mahikari and learnt " The Universal Principles...written down at the time of Creation"

Odd things happen at random, remission of cancer, varius illnesses heal etc. It is a natural process if one looks at the stats across the board, in any religion, sect, cult, even in the secular world.

To promote a reason why random events happen, involking a god or gods or even introducing so called attaching spirits as the reason why random events irresponsible and down right dangerous.

This is no different from the army of Faith Healers, who time and time again have been proven to be frauds.

Using the odd statements like the disclamer A K Tebesis used, does not in any way obsolve an individual of the responsibility of promoting dodgy claims which can dramatically impinge on someones life.


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