The Mahikari They Don't Want You To Know

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Mahikari does not tell you about "Attaching Spirits"

One of the most bothersome aspects of Mahikari is the information they don't give you before joining. A review of Dr. Tebecis' website will give you an example. Below is copied an entry from the section called "Spiritual Realm".

From this chapter and some that follow it, it is clear that spirits attached to people influence the people in various ways, their personalities, moods, habits and diseases, to name a few. It seems that most problems are due to spirits. Fortunately, spirits can be helped by the Light of God and the practice of certain teachings. These matters clearly apply to all people, whether they are interested in spiritual phenomena or not.

All sounds rather harmless and easy to deal with on the surface, doesn't it?

What the Doctor fails to tell you is that you could possibly be entering into a realm that is beyond your wildest imagination, or desire. I will not debate the existence of the spiritual realm or of "attaching spirits" here, but I will point out again the disingenuous nature of the sect and the information it withholds from potential members.

Tales of "spirit manifestation" are more common in most Mahikari dojos than ghost stories at a Boy Scout jamboree. Many have been well documented in Winston Davis' book Dojo. As a former member I was privy to many of these as well. The concept is rather simple. "Spirits" attach to our own spiritual body and possess us. It almost sounds cozy, like having some friends along for the ride!

WHAT YOU ARE NOT TOLD is that these spirits could be disgruntled warriors, foxes, evil demi-gods, angry ancestors, snakes, and any other unsavory form of spiritual being. The information you are given regarding "manifestation" of these spirits is that it will usually result is some minor hand movement or perhaps some head bobbing or weeping. Given that most people joining have never experienced such phenomena (nor probably wish to), the information presented here is negligent.

You are also told that Omitama will protect you from attaching spirits, and will prevent them from attaching to you in the future. However, there are many tales in Davis' book about kumite who are possessed by spirits one after another, including a women who was possessed by 200 foxes! Apparently there can also be a continual parade of ancestors who wish to intervene or interfere in the most daily and meaningless of events! Believe me, if you were happy with your "normal" non-manifesting life, you can certainly look forward to a lot of surprises, speculation, and nuisance according to these tales! Or perhaps something even worse!


At 5:07 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Recently I heard of someone who has been having the same spirit manifest regularly for something like 15 years.

How long is this purification process supposed to take?!?

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Great question. Although it purports to be a Divine Science, there is certainly no scientific compilation that I know of to tell you how much "karma" you can erase with each session of okiyome. Which brings me to another point I have mentioned before: If this is the same "light" that Jesus gave, it should have the same powers, as it emanates from the same God. I don't ever recall Jesus needing to give "points" or do anything more than raise his hand once to exorcise evil spirits.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger michelmex said...

This attached spirits are here because of karma, it means that we or ancestors have them suffering in a past live. The goal is not to throw up spirits as it is an art of salvation and love, so the goal is to have bOTH person and attached spirit awake to their situation and get free, to throw out the attached spirit woulbd be condemn him, what salvation is that? on a other hand if the person after undrstendind doesn't change deeply on that point, the spiritual disturbance would go on, Life is a training and a school! god bless you. Michel

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Yeah i agree. Mahikari is retarded. =.=

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At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this information is completely false, I as a member know exactly which kind of spirits are attached and when a manifestation occours i'm usually told: who was the spirit, what happened in history for him to be attached to someone, and other information such as attempts to kill a person they are attached to, etc... but this happen normally to all people, but they are not aware because, either they have a high level where manipulations made by these spirits are irrelevant or they are protected by god/guardian spirit/ansestors... etc. Usually attached spirits won't leave you until you realise your responsability for doing evil things in other lives. Once you realise and truly ask for forgiveness is when these spirits leave you.


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