The Mahikari They Don't Want You To Know

Monday, May 01, 2006

I've been doing a lot of research lately on the "Star of David" and it seems the origins are somewhat muddy. It is not mentioned in early rabbinical literature, and it is definitely connected to occultic practice in the present. One fascinating tidbit that came up was this information on Raelism. I was struck by the similarity of everything to Mahikari, including an attempt to set up an "embassy" in Israel. I wonder if Okada was waiting for space ships too....;)


The Raelian symbol, before 1991 and after
Raelism uses a symbol similar to the Star of David. The symbol initially chosen by Claude Vorilhon for his movement was the source of considerable controversy: it resembled a Star of David with the image of a swastika embedded in its center. According to official Raelian statements, the swastika "represents infinity of time, and trace its origins to Sanskrit and Buddhist symbols, to the Chinese character for temple, and to ancient catacombs, mosques, and synagogues."
In 1991, the symbol was changed to remove the swastika and deflect public criticism, as well as to gain acceptance in Israel for the building of a Raelian "embassy" to greet anticipated "Elohim space vessels."


At 6:18 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

I always had a problem with the swastika being a part of the Mahikari Tai program. In the US, or at least in California, we did not have the swastika on our uniforms because the Kanbu feared the reaction of people who might see us wearing it. I would think 'if this causes that many problems why leave it?'

All I have to say is that the Nazis used that as their symbol during WWII and afterwards, Okada created this religion after WWII, knowing what that symbol stood for to everyone he still chose to incooperate it into Mahikari.

I often agree with ZT when he talks about Mahikari being a totalitarian sect with Nazi undertones...the whole explanation about fire and water powers has always seemed like bull to me, and I can't believe that educated persons fall prey to believing that.

The swastika is just another symbol of how Okada supported the pre-WWII ways and wanted life to revert back to the time when Japan was set on conquoring China and other countries. Okada was obviously in support of the WWII Nazi/Japanese alliance.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger Joe said...

One of the most disturbing of the lies I came across after getting the truth was that after Okada's life changing "illness" he stated that he decided to spend the remainder of his life serving "god" and mankind. This happened in the 1940's, before his Mahikari "revelations", and to achieve his lofty goals he 1) joined SKK and 2) invested in factories for the military! Aircraft factories! Who was he "serving" then??? Were these the same aircraft used to bomb Pearl Harbour or to kamikazi U.S ships?

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

Probably. I wouldn't put it past Okada. Now that I know the truth I find myself thinking this man was capable of just about any atrocity the mind can conceive. He was a Japanese chauvinist, pushing a Supreme Japanese Agenda, hidden behind the pious facade of world unity. World unity my foot!

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Anne said...

Good point, Joe, although it was the other way around. The aircraft factory was between his retirement from active service and the end of the war. He joined SKK after the war.

During the war years and pre-war years, various new Japanese religions promoted the notion that the Emperor either was or should be an embodiment of God (or something like's a bit confusing!). In addition, the Takeuchi document, which contains similar notions, was in circulation at that time.

Okada probably did regard building that aircraft factory as a service to God and humanity.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Thanks. Sorry for the confusion on the timeline. Speaking of the war, does anyone know how deep his connection if any to the Rape of Nanking"? I have only read that he was serving high level at the time...

At 10:15 PM, Blogger Steve said...

SM published Okadas reminiscences of his involvement in the Rape of Nanking ( they don't call it the Rape of Nanking of course) in a book called Daiseishu. He was involved in the Japanese invasion of China in 1937 and wrote " I recalled the day I left Japan to cross the rough East China sea, filled with daring courage for the journey of death."

Seems he fell ill and was in hospital with a high fever when the Japanese overran Hangcho, Shanghai and Nanking. He thought he was about to die from the fever, and he wrote " I wondered about my comrades. Were they active or were they about to become still on this evening, at this moment, over there in the extreme of action in the bloody world of war at Nanking."...he goes on to write " I prayed that I might stand on the battle field at least one more time."

It seems he had a predisposition to fevers that knocked him out for days at a time. Although at this time he described his recovery watching the sun rise " From a world of darkness to a world of starlight and heavenly maidens on moonlit nights, I had come at last to the sun-filled world of dawn. The dawn of a new life"

The next time he had a fever, he claims he was the Messiah of humankind.......from a devoted soldier ready and willing to die for an emperor god, to the spokesperson of a supreme creator god to save humankind from a baptism of fire!

Interesting fellow......


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