The Mahikari They Don't Want You To Know

Friday, May 26, 2006

A great deal has been bothering me lately about my past experience with Mahikari, especially now having read all of the fine ex-members blogs and realizing the similarities of experience regarding the codified structure, the complex and subtle control of emotions, and the feelings of having been deceived from the very beginning. I will probably try to address this more in the future, but today I want to go back to a past topic because it weighs on my mind heavily, and I believe it is a fundamental eureka! moment for anyone currently involved or thinking about becoming a member. I believe it is so telling that I hope someone will cache the SM North America website, because I have reason to believe that SM will pull it down once I reveal it...

On the website, which I have linked to before, you will find a standard disclaimer on the bottom of the page "art of True light" is the link:

Notice at the bottom that SM welcomes "everyone" to receive light, but children and minors require permission from a parent. I passed over this before but having seen it again, the effect was chilling and telling.

Why would a religion require such a statement if it wasn't in some way dangerous or perceived as such? Many people consider other religious factions to have cult like overtones, including certain sects of the world's major religions. But have you ever seen a church or religion require parental permission to participate??? I don't believe I have ever come across this before, and it is astounding to see. The organization has gone to great lengths to protect itself, and to deny any accusations of cult-like behavior. If I were an outsider, I would have to wonder why.

We don't really ask much of parents these days regarding permission, except for the occasional school field trip. Most of the things we try to protect them from are harmful, or it is done out of concern for their behavior outside direct parental contact. It just seems to me that if SM were really powered by the Almighty GOD it claims to be, this sort of thing wouldn't be required.


At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

The reason we ask children to get parental consent is so that their parents know what their child is venturing into. Some people, like some Kumite initiailly, don't know what to think of Sukyo Mahikari and fear what they do not understand.

By asking a child to get permission we know that they are aware of the activities in which their child will be participating and thus we avoid any kind of religious belief conflicts between family members.

What is the problem?

At 6:24 AM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

The reason we ask children to get parental consent is so that their parents know what their child is venturing into. Some people, like some Kumite initiailly, don't know what to think of Sukyo Mahikari and fear what they do not understand.

By asking a child to get permission we know that they are aware of the activities in which their child will be participating and thus we avoid any kind of religious belief conflicts between family members.

What is the problem?

At 8:25 AM, Blogger Joe said...

I have no problem with that aspect of it, if that is the only true reason. It is just very strange that I don't know of other churches that would not allow a child or adolescent to walk in and participate.

The better question is, Do SM members and leadership really tell the children what can happen to them regarding attaching spirits? Are children of a very young age ready for the responsiblity of dealing with angry spirits or ancestor demands? Even worse, what of a parent's decision to withhold medical treatment to a child told to only receive okiyome?

At 9:31 AM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

Kumite Children are brought up with an awareness of spiritual matters. I never witheld information regarding spirits from my children and we are taught to be frank with them from the time they are born. I always made sure that they were aware of the spirits presence. I always taught them what would happen to them if they did not receive Primary Kenshu on their 10th birthday; all of my children joined Sukyo Mahikari immediately after they turned 10.

I see many former members preaching about letting kids be kids, but frankly with the end of the world at hand and the need to purify so many in so little time present, Kumite children are aware of the severity of the situation and want to help purify others so that we can all go on to God's new home for us when the time is right.

Kumite children handle all of these lessons incredibly well.

As for lack of medical treatment, I always adhere to the laws of the state in which I reside. While the teachings discourage us from taking medicines that could be potnetially harmful and fill our bodies with toxins, we are not taught to break the law, or sacrifice our childrens educations in order to avoid medication.

People who choose not to seek medical care do so of their own accord. As for children, until they are 18 years of age, it is the job of the parent to decide what kind of treatment, if any is necessary for them. A child below the age of 18 does not know what is right for them and it is the job of the parent to decide what is best in all matters (this includes shaping them through religious practices).

Eventually we hope to have Sukyo Mahikari schools, where the Art of True Light can be practiced and we will not be forced to contradict our beliefs in order to adhere to public and private school regulations.

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Let's be clear about one thing: People who seek to ignore Medical treatment have been advised that it is against the teachings and to do so will result in spiritual consequences. (I have been told that SM is supposedly backing off of this point now, but to what extent I do not know). So when it comes to the children, it is all up to how deeply a kumite wishes to adhere to religious influence, and whether the kumite chooses to take a leap of faith (or risk) as to how much medical treatment to withold from a child. So let me ask you this...How many trained physicians does Mahikari have on it's staff for each dojo or center, and what literature do they rely on to determine what level of treatment to recommend when these parents make these important decisions?

At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

I don't know about other dojos, but here in the Texas dojo we have several doctors who come to practice okiyome, and who suggest our practice to patients who might be feeling discomfort during their treatment.

Here in the US we have always taught the okiyome is to be given in correlation with medical treatment (if the illness requires treatment) people who abuse medication (ex: taking Tylneol for headaches when they could be suffering through it to eliminate negative karma) then that is another story.

But Sukyo Mahikari has never told someone they could not seek medical treatment if something is seriously wrong with them. Whether they go to the doctor/hospital is their personal choice.

If they choose to trust in Gods plan and allow Him to work miracles through them, then that is their choice. Some of us do not like to take the easy way out by accepting the comfort without delay.

At 7:54 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Thank you for your response Mary. I have not been to the Texas dojo, but I have been to others. And without question, the pressure to NOT seek medical treatment is much greater than you are willing to admit. In fact, you passed judgement on people seeking medical treatment by accusing them of seeking the easy way out.

Though the SM teachings are toning this all down now, you have reaffirmed my contention that members are are still discouraged from seeking treatment, as you are taught that your salvation depends upon it since it is all "poison".

I have never been introduced to any doctors in Mahikari, nor do I know of any that remain at dojo on call. (In fact, I know of a center that does not even have upper level staff, and people give okiyome to "manifesting spirits" without the aid of spirit investigations, but that's another story)

Are the doctors at your dojo present in case someone manifests or purifies too heavily? Do they perform medical exams or diagnosis at the dojo, and what scientific basis do they use for such? What body of medical literature do they or Mahikari have to back up such diagnosis and okiyome treatment?

What about the Los Angeles dojo? Did a mahikari doctor examine Lara's sister to determine the proper treatment for bone cancer? Or was it as reported in her blog that an upper level just "suggested" that she did not look ill and okiyome would be enough?

Medical Science is not perfect, but it has provided treatment and relief to millions upon millions of people, and has given families the chance to live together and love life and God. The challenges Mahikari makes by presenting information of so called poisons" and iatrogenic disease" statistics is a denial of the advances science makes every year especially when it comes to non-invasive treatments. The percentage is just about to be expected in such a complicated field staffed by human beings. There are mistakes made in all aspects of every day life. You don't give up walking because you stumbled on a sidewalk. Denying children medical treatment is a criminal act, and the thought of such neglect sickens me, especially when it uses the threat of spirtual consequence or eternal damnation as its only basis for arguement.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Mary Ono said...

Well of course most doctors who attend the Texas dojo have their own practices or work under someone elses practice; they are not present 24/7, but I have never heard of someone having a negative reaction to okiyome the way some people have to medication.

Of course, you former members will beg to differ that when a person suffers a spirit movement and becomes violent that this is a cause for concern, but in reality it is a very positive thing for a spirit to come forward, the more we know about an entity the better we can help it heal so that it may move on to the Astral Realm.

If we can talk to the entity and identify the source of its pain, we can help it and tell it about the light.

As for Lara and her family, it was their choice. The Kanbu member merely told them their opinion based on a personal assesment of the child, who, from what I read, seemed active and lively. It was the opinion of that Kanbu member that with her spirit and vigor that she was well enough to go without treatment and instead receive okiyome.

If Lara's parents decided to take that advice, that is their fault. If I thought my child was deathly ill, I would have seeked treatment with or without the support of Kanbu (but of course I am a selfish person). Maybe God wanted the child; if it was in His will for her to live she would have lived. Miracles happen every day.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Darcy said...


I don't know what religion you were prior to joining SM, but in my faith, we believe that any spirit who is not with God is a evil spirit. It is my personal belief that if something is good it goes to God when it dies; He guides it to Him and takes it under His wing...if it is still dwelling here "lost", "sad", or "angry" it is because it is seperate from God...which means it could be a demon or an entity that is of the dark side. The Bible warns against communicating or following the advice of these entities...they are only out to destroy or conquor the human that it is attached to. Nothing good stays here. My advice, next time one of these spirits start disturbing someone, you need to tell them to go face God rather than trying to help them. Demons and negative spirits feed off of lies and since I believe that Sukyo Mahikari is 100% lies, I believe that they are flourishing there for that reason.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Gee, I don't know...does a Mahikari Tai jumping out of a window not seem cause for concern to you????

Nice try on the "you former members" to depersonalize and lump us into a group.

And the argument that SM has never told anyone they "can't" have a treatment is spurious. The pressure to follow the teachings, the constant reminders of the supposed poison and damnation are enough to seriously influence a member or members into refusing or denying treatment. Like "disturbance", the endless chatter at the dojos about "purifications" cackles on...and peoples lives are in the balance.

If anyone has better info on the doctor situation, let me know, but so far all I see are unqualified lay people dispensing with medical opinions and doctors who have no scientifically proven research to back them up. Meanwhile, at least one child is dead because of it! I pray for you Mary, and for the children still involved with these so-called miracle workers. Over 40 years (not counting SKK ) and where is the science behind it...?


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