The Mahikari They Don't Want You To Know

Friday, April 28, 2006

As I mentioned before, my spiritual journey has been strange. It included some misguided time with an organization called Sukyo Mahikari. And so...

Just a little something for all those folks who still think Mahikari is compatible with Christianity...BECAUSE IT ISN'T...

Deuteronomy 18:9 (KJV) "When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. (10) There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch. (11) Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. (12) For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee."


At 2:41 PM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

The Bible has a lot of references that warn people about 'false prophets' or 'anti-christs'. I am gnostic christian and I remember reading the Bible after I left Mahikari and thinking, wow, someone who claims to be a messiah, denounces Jesus (as Okada did by claiming that he was not cruxified), someone who causes even the elect to fall...sure sounds like Okada was a glorified anti-christ.

But of course Mahikari also has references in the Goseigen that warns against people who would lead them away from Mahikari, I suppose there is something like that in all religions.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger Joe said...

I just point it out as another lie of the organization. Mahikari tells everyone it is comaptible with all religions. I don't think the Muslims would take kindly to it's polythesim wither. And it simply cannot be compatible with Christianity if there is Biblical warning against cavorting with the unseen bogeys...

At 6:11 AM, Blogger Asher Kennedy said...

I absolutely agree.

I know that was the main thing Kara struggled with when I took her to the dojo for the first time. She was Catholic at the time and as soon as we walked in and did the bows before the shrine she said, "Ash, I can't do this, it's idolatry and it's wrong."

Not long after she started researching on the internet and was horrified by the beliefs that Jesus was not the savior, but Okada instead.

After that we had a serious talk and she basically said that she loved me, but there was no way our children would ever be raised in Mahikari or be permitted to have omitama until they were 18 or out of our home.

Kids are still along way away for us, but at the time it made me think, 'If Mahikari seemed that bad in the eyes of my girlfriend, when I had been raisesd to believe that all religions could follow Mahikari without confliction of belief...maybe I needed to do some research of my own.'

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Joe said...

Thank you for relating that, because I think it speaks to a certain aspect of why people tend to join organizations like SM. In most cases, they are looking for something "stronger" than a faith based religion, or they feel certain questions haven't been answered. I hope that ex-members are not punishing themselves, because it's not gullibility when you are given enough information. On the surface, some things just seem to make sense.

It generally takes a person who really isn't looking for anything to see the real face of the beast. In my case I had several friends who immediately saw it was all nonsense, and I should have paid attention. Instead, I tried to let the limited information fit my need to be closer to God, and let the influence of SM leaders tell me that my friends were "disturbed". I can say for certain that my friends are all much more successful,healthy, and happy, and they don't need to spend every waking moment worried about their "innermost thoughts" or their attitudes.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Something else important to this, and that is the idea that even "false christs" may produce while many of the members may think they are receiving "miracles" they may be getting a whole lot more than they bargained for...

At 7:31 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Hi Joe,
I see biblical references being made, I would like to throw a few concepts into this discussion from far left field. For committed Christians, perhaps they should not read any further.

I ask the question.....Will the 'real christ' please stand up! .....we need to know who the real one is, to determine a false one?

How far back in history are we prepared to go to determine who 'christ' is/was? If we settle on the biblical account, then we must take into account that the bible, both old and new testaments are a combination of edited manifestos written by spin doctors over the centuries. There was no Bible for the first 350 years of Christianity. The first official list of Scriptures was done in 393 at the Council of Hippo, then again in Carthage in 397 and 419. Only the politically correct manuscripts of the time were used.

It wasn't until 1525, when William Tyndale a brilliant english scholar, translated the bible into english from the original Greek and Hebrew. He was murdered for his trouble.

Various Scholars have the view, that the bible as it is today, has been honed and polished to reflect whatever was expedient to maintain control of the minds of the people for the last two thousand years. Albeit a chauvinistic stance, half the human population - women- have been left out of the important bits and even vilified.

It's established that the book called the bible is a combination of documents written from hearsay, personal thoughts and theories, dreams and reconstruction of myths. None, are eye witness accounts of the events they document, even historians of the day seem to have missed the events as well.

Every christian I have spoken with over the years always fall back on one thing as the foundation of their faith......the holy spirit. Yet, when pressed to explain, it always comes down to a personal individual experience, I would have to be initiated to understand what is all about. Even when presented with the evidence that the bible was written by many people over hundreds of years, it is simplified and brushed away by the concept that the bible is the word of god inspired by the holy spirit. So at some stage the inquiring mind must pause, the intellect must be put on hold, and acceptance of superstition, becomes the process to build a faith in god. The big question comes next, WHICH god....there are millions of them!

It dosen't take much insight to determine, for every human being thinking about a god, that god becomes the shape and texture of the mind of the beholder.

The debate rages, did Jesus Christ actually exist, was he based on one of the multiple cult leaders of the day, was the life and story surrounding him borrowed from the multiple christ concepts that preceded him. If he was such an important part of the human spiritual evolution, why is everything surrounding him so wishy washy, vague and obscure. If a real Jesus ever existed we will never know now, the individual is certainly lost in the maze of hyperbole created by the myth makers.

I have been watching the debate for a lot of years. So before we get into what is real or false, and use the term anti-christ, I guess it would be nice to have benchmark to determine the difference. If quotes are used from the bible, then would it be pertinent to ask what the provenance of the bible maybe.

Mahikari is no different to the process employed in the above, in my view, any cult, whether it be one of the multitudes of Christian based, Shinto name it! ....are pushing their own slant on who and why God IS and what her agenda may be!!!....... it's all about SPIN!

However, it really is a lot fun to identify the spin and discuss it. Is there any evidence of the existence of a heaven or in that case a hell?. Has anyone come back from the dead and described what the 'great beyond' is all about? Discounting the lack of oxygen to the brain in a partial conscious state. Does the fact that millions of people believe in an afterlife make it true! The belief is certainly true......the afterlife is a different matter. Millions of people believe, some even defend to the death, rumour, hearsay, superstition without a second thought to the veracity of what is written or what actually can be proven.

If a person wishes to settle on a religious dogma and live by it, then go for it, as long as they respect and don't hurt anyone. Whatever makes them happy in a constructive way. Unfortunately scratch the surface of any religion and we find murder, mayhem, bigotry and suffering. At the same time, beautiful music, art, and caring, kind loving people.

Perhaps, the basic truth to be found in religion, is that humans are flawed, we repeat the mistakes of history over and over again at the expense of precious human life. For every great achievement the genius mind develops to expand the human experience in a creative way, the same genius mind creates yet another way of extinguishing the human race. We are magnificent and dastardly at the same time. We are wonderfully human!

For anyone insisting that their personal belief in god is the right one for the rest of humanity, then they must expect to be challenged.

I sometimes feel that we are entering into an modern dark age, the vilification of science, philosophy and tolerance in favor of extreme fundamentalism, be it Christianity, Islam or Mahikari.....

Gee that felt good.....nothing like having a bit of a rave :)

At 10:35 PM, Blogger Steve said...

I hope I haven't offend you, if you are a Christian.....I can be quite blunt sometimes. I kinda let rip....,
I too have had an interesting spiritual journey.

I am researching a subject concerning Okada and the biblical references at the moment. He used heaps of bible references to shore up his claim of being The Messiah of this age. One of my long time interests is the history of christianity. I have lost count of the amount of books I have on the subject and the people I have spoken with.

I was brought up in the Church of Christ until I drifted away in my late teens, wondering why people prayed on Sunday and cursed on Monday. It wasn't until my mothers funeral several years ago that I discovered her family started the first Church of Christ in Sydney in about the 1920s. So I do know a wee bit about the subject.

I recently was stuck with a group of very enthusiastic evangelicals...a full plane no spare seats surrounded by about 20 or so kids on a misson to somewhere. They were in full swing, charged......and I was in their sights, it was a strange feeling almost surreal at first. So I took the opportunity to engage in conversation. I knew their intent was to convert, I was interested to know how much they knew about what they believed in.
They supported the war in Iraq and belived it was ordained by god, led by a born again President. They belived we were in the end times and the rapture was just around the corner.

I ached for all the men women and children who have been blown away when their sovereign country was invaded by the US and the Coalition of the Willing war machine. The US was not invaded by Iraq, England and Australia were not invaded by Iraq, they were told there were no WMD.
The kids had no idea what I was taking about, when I asked them to read the book of revelations with a Jewish lexicon, it was written by a Jew for jews in a time a time of great upheavel. That maybe, just maybe it was written for events happening two thousand years ago and had no bearing on todays times. The symbolism used are Jewish references of the time.

I suggested, the events of today could be the result of people making a perceived prophecy come true. Possibly their fervent desire to see the Christian prophecy come true is bringing about the bloodshed in the middle east, in fact they could be responsible for the death and destruction over there by willing their perception of Armageddon upon us. They had no idea what I was taking about! Although one girl looked rather thoughtful.

I hope you can understand where I am coming from, fundamentalism is at full swing and people are dying.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Joe said...


This is a great post, and no you would not be offending me at all. In fact, I am bumming because it would be fantastic to meet you (and all the other ex-members as well)

I have had the same thoughts regarding self fulfilling prophecies. It is intersting to me because most people don't realize that even in the book of Revelations, there is a secret...John is asked not to reveal it and is instructed to eat what he has written...I have always wondered if it is simply God saying "this is what 'could happen'" rather than what is written in stone. And so the powers of the world, despite their knowledge of this tale, march willingly into the conflict, desperately holding on to their impossible positions rather than reconciling the differences.

I posted this because I simply want to point out the falsehood in the Mahikari claim that it is compatible with Chrisitanity. I too share your concerns regarding the fanatics (of any religion) and I do not or will not belong to any church or organized relgion ever again. I believe God is strictly a personal matter, and religion is money and power. That's all it ever will be!

I also posted this because I cannot prove or disprove the "spirit world", but my gut feeling is that it does exist somehow, but we really are not meant to incite it or see it. Either way, its an argument and a half against SM.


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